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Do you want to support us?

As every year, this event would not be possible with lots of helping hands. Whether its for the buildup/teardown, for lenting games or for organizational matters - we are always looking for supporters ;)

What does this cover? In the following section, we try to summarize the possibilities for supporting the event. For none of the activities you will need any prior knowledge, as you will receive a corresponding introduction beforehand. If something remains unanswered, we are glad to help you.

Do you have further questions? Just drop us a message.

Please note that while most of the tasks are suitable for pure English speakers as well, we might have to limit the number of persons. For some tasks, some basic German is appreciated, as not all of our visitors tend to speak sufficient English.

All of the tasks will be done in small groups, thus you can always ask one of the others if something is unclear during execution. Usually, one of the Spielenacht team members will be available as well to support you.

Lenting desk

At the lenting desk, you are one of the friendly persons which handle lenting and returning games while managing the corresponding deposits. In most of the cases, our visitors already have a concrete game which can be lent directly. In some other cases, it already is sufficent to tell our visitors which games tend to be suitable for smaller or larger groups.

One shift takes about 2 hours and usually involves four persons.

Buildup and teardown

Moving chairs and tables, unpacking and packing in games … these and some further tasks have to be done before and after the event itself. We are not able to do everything itself in a timely manner, thus we try to coordinate all tasks across everyone involved.

Buildup starts 2 hours before the event … thus at 4 pm already.

The teardown starts when everyone is leaving. Please notify us at about 2 am at the main desk that you are available.

Tournament supervision

While it might sound complex, it is not. As we cannot do everything at the same time, we need some persons which keep an eye on the tournament area and ensure the correct execution of one of the tournaments.

Prior knowledge is not really required, but recommended. Nevertheless, you will receive an introduction from us anyway.


In the best case, you have already visited a Spielenacht event in the past and enjoyed it. The advantage of this area: the number of persons is not limited and at the event, most of the work is already done and you enjoy playing some games as well. You can register during the whole year through one of our contact channels.

Unfortunately, this is one of the tasks which currently requires sufficient language experience with German, as quite some communication tasks cannot be done in English for now.

We thank our sponsors: